About LongNor

LongNor Optoelectronics Co., Limited is leading LED neon flex, LED strip Lights, flexible Led Linear manufacturer & supplier was established in 2008 with more than 200 employees that is located in Shenzhen China. Our products are mainly used for church lighting, casino lighting, hotel decoration lighting, residential lighting, commercial lighting and industrial lighting. Our company began manufacture LED neon flex, LED strip Lights, flexible LED linear at the early development during 2008-2011. OEM & ODM services provided. with strong and professional R&D team with years of experience on LED lighting technology & products, which can guarantee its best quality and long lifespan. We also provide lighting effect design. Our LED neon flex, LED strip Lights, flexible LED linear with CE, RoHS, FCC, TUV, SAA, ISO9001 certified.


  • 240V-LED-Neon-Linear 240V LED Neon Linear

    240V LED Neon Linear – Linear flexible LED luminaire for outdoor architectural lighting with a perfectly homogeneous and dot free light surface. The innovation brought by this 2 dimensions bendable light lines opened new doors in lighting design which were unreachable by any luminaires back then. Our LED neon linear rapidly gains the recognition of lighting design professionals and experts of the field  – often copied, never equaled.

  • 110V-LED-Neon-Linear 110V LED Neon Linear

    110V LED Neon Linear. Over the last years, we have gathered inputs and ideas from lighting designers, architects, engineers.  we developed true Color. True color is a LED luminaire using a new polyurethane encapsulation technology offering an IP67 ingress protection combined with optimum rendition of the LED spectrum, avoiding any CCT shift: True Color. It is available in 2 variants. The first named Top View takes over the applications covered by its predecessor for 2D bends perpendicular to the luminous surface. The second variant extends the boundaries of lighting design by providing a perfectly homogeneous light line which can be twisted or bent in 3 dimensions (3D) in order to follow any curves present in modern architectural concepts. Both Top

  • 24V Flexible LED Linear 24V Flexible LED Linear

    24V Flexible LED Linear is perfectly suited for cove lighting. architectural detail illumination, theme lighting and accent lighting. Church decoration illumination. Casino decoration illumination and Hotel decoration illumination 50 meter per roll, DC24V Flexible LED Strip, it is best way to solve voltage drift problem. No need to cut in the middle, DC24V power supply at both ends. It save on Power supply and installation costs, IP65 waterproof

  • 12V LED Neon Flex

    12V LED Neon Flex is a new LED product that best replaces traditional glass neon tubing. Suitable for signage and other uses that are only limited by imagination.

  • Bluetooth LED Flexble Strip Bluetooth LED Linear Strips

    Bluetooth LED Linear Strips. App music and mic mode. Multiple scenes available. Easy installation, all in one a kit. Take complete control of your lighting with smartphone magic strip App. 16 million colors are free to choose. create romance, relaxation, dynamic, party ambiance with music and mic and sport function, lights color will change with the music beats or your microphone. 5 more light modes you can choose, like Flashing, Breathing, Strobe, Gradient, Cool. Adjust the light brighter or darker. I think this will make your party more awesome. Multiple Scenes Available – Bluetooth LED Linear Strips can be used for decorating your Dining room, Bed room, Upstairs, Kitchen, Porch, Computer desk, and Living rooms, especially great for Holidays and

  • 5V Flexible LED Strip

    16 MILLIONS COLORS: 16 millions colors creating various vibes. led strip lights can be used for TV/PC/Laptop Background Lighting. LED strips sync with pitches of music, the changing colors will make experience of watching TV&Videos more wonderful TV backlights Operate at voltage of 5v. Just a 5v power bank for light strip working,you can use it easily outdoors. IP65 waterproof and dustproof, extremely low-heat, touchable and safe for children. EASIER TO INSTALL: All in one kit, comes with 6.6ft(78.7in) waterproof light strips, one 5v powered USB cable, 3 connecting mediums, and 4 separate 0.5m strips. All parts of LED strip light have been welded as a whole for your convenience. Premium 3M Adhesive Tapes for you to attach your light

  • 24V Flexible LED Strip

    50 meter per roll, DC24V Flexible LED Strip, it is best way to solve voltage drift problem. No need to cut in the middle, DC24V power supply at both ends. It save on Power supply and installation costs. If you decorate your ceiling, circle around the top of the ceiling, use two or one 24V power supply is ok. If you use a 12V strip lights, you need to buy 10 power supplies, when using our 24V Flexible LED Strip. you only need two power supplies enough, no need you connect it every 5 meter.

  • music Sync Led strip Music Sync with LED Strip

    Music Sync with LED Strip – Smart sync to music light sensitive and stable. When the music rings, the LED strip light changes the color according to the rhythm of the music. Our music LED strip will let your house with dreamly magical effect.


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