1000W Outdoor LED High Bay Lights

1000W outdoor LED High Bay Lights and LED Low Bay lighting fixtures are perfect for applications such as LED warehouse lighting. Gymnasiums Lighting or Grocery stores Lighting. LED high bay light can be used in industrial lighting or commercial lighting. Typical led high bay fixtures have a 14 – 18″ open reflector allowing for a more concentrated beam spread with a prominent downward or upward illumination.

Efficient lighting in industrial areas is crucial to productivity and it can enhance the work atmosphere, resulting in an improvement of safety and security. A well designed industrial LED lighting plan can create flexible spaces, divided in production areas and warehouses or office spaces. Depending on the various requirements for these spaces, there are endless options when it comes to modern lighting fixtures. Also, the industrial sector always seeks to lower energy costs and 1000W Outdoor LED High Bay Lights is the perfect choice. We have 100W Led High Bay light, 150W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W, 1000W outdoor Led High Bay Lights.

Industrial areas are typically divided in low bay areas, such as production facilities, office space, surveillance spaces or high bay areas such as warehouses or complex production facilities. Lighting requirements for these spaces differ accordingly and there are various fixture to fill any need. Generally, many industrial facilities require an almost non-stop work schedule and the fixtures will need to have a long work life (typically more than 50,000 hours). When choosing fixtures, the particular necessities of each industry, building type and work conditions must be known and understood.

When compared to traditional lighting, industrial LED lighting is ambient temperature independent, and fixtures can work at almost any temperature, making them perfect for any industry. They have an instant on/off feature, thus reducing off times, a feature ideal for demanding and time-dependent industries. The color temperature is listed at values between 3000K to 4000K and the color rendering index value is around 70 to 80 (more than 80 for line fixtures). The LED spot and line fixtures are available with a dimming option for over-day operation, where daylight is preferable, but not sufficient. Also, depending on the type of fixture the shadow pattern can be soft (for LED line and tube fixtures) or harsh (for LED spot types of fixtures). Generally, line and tube fixtures are recommended for low bay work areas where shadows must be softer, while spot fixtures can be used in high bay areas where the harsh shadows can be diffused. 1000W Outdoor LED High Bay Lights. Welcome to send inquiry by Email.

Item Number

Input Voltage


LED Brand Kelvin Lumen Flux


Rated Life LED Driver
Y-HB-1000W-CW AC85-305V 1000W CREE 6400K 100000lm 80 50000h UL/TUV


Y-HB-1000W-NW 4500K
Y-HB-1000W-WW 3000K

Unlike ordinary residences, high-ceiling spaces have special lighting requirements. That’s why clients in industrial applications are constantly on the lookout for the most efficient way to provide illumination for their facilities. Thanks to new generation LED high bay lights, low-performing HID fixtures can now be replaced for good.

Unlike their predecessors, LED high bays provide better efficiency while saving on costs. They also emit uniform light, reduce carbon footprint, and thus increase workers’ productivity.

Here, we detail the features of LED high bay luminaries, including the following: light color, lumen output and efficiency, and material.

As far as types are concerned, these high-ceiling lights are classified into two types based on size or number of LED pods: 2-pod and 4-pod. There is not much difference between these two versions, but since each pod contains high output LEDs, 4-pods provide better illumination.

As the LED lighting industry continues to progress, manufacturers constantly produce high-efficient LED high bays. Efficiency in these lights is measured in terms of lumens-per-watt (lpw), so the higher the digits one sees on the label, the more efficient a particular LED high bay is.

While LED prototypes can have as high as 200 lpw, commercially available high bay lights can only have an average efficiency of 82 lpw. Still, LEDs with 82 lpw are more than efficient enough to light a large warehouse.

LEDs for aesthetics purposes can have multi-color lights. For instance, submersible LED lights can give a pink or baby pink glow when turned on. But with LED high bays, the light color is maintained to white. Some emit neutral white (4000 K) while others emit warm white (3000 K).

Some LED high bay lights are deliberately designed to be rectangular in shape. Not only does this maximize performance but this orientation also makes installation easier following an industrial or commercial setting. These luminaries come in a space-saving flat design which allows easy installation of sprinklers, pipes, and other ceiling essentials.

Aside from that, these light fixtures have highly durable hooks and hangers to help secure them in place. These hangers are designed to carry heavy weights that can go up to 45kg or even more than this capacity.

Aside from rectangular high bays, other products come in a lamp-type design. They have a silver grey lamp shell, and a projection distance of about 4 to 100 meters. These types of LED high bay lights are designed to be the perfect substitute for metal halide lamps.

The operating temperature of LED high bay lights follows that of most industrial grade applications. For instance, the most efficient brands of high bays have an operating temperature within the -30 degree to 45 degree centigrade range. This large range makes LED high bays withstand any sudden temperature rise or fall caused by the weather.

The beam angle refers to the angle at which the LED light is emitted from the source. Unlike ordinary light bulbs, LEDs make use of acrylic-based lenses that cover the LED chip to project light into the desired direction. The larger the lens, the wider the beam.

High bay lights come in at least three beam angles – narrow, medium, and wide. Narrow beam angles work like spot lights, and they are used in areas that need more attention. Wide beam angles, on the other hand, produce more dispersed lighting and are used for wider spaces.

LED high bay light fixtures are made of clear glass especially designed for two purposes – to protect the LEDs and to provide higher translucence. The case is made from high-quality diecast aluminum. This material is prized for being lightweight, yet it is designed to withstand high operating temperatures.

Power consumption among brands and types of LED high bays varies. But compared with non-LED fixtures such as a metal halide high bay, LED high-ceiling lights consume less energy. For instance, a lamp-type LED high bay light can consume only 150 W as compared with a metal halide that can consume 250 W.

In their desire to impress their clients, lighting manufacturers offer added features. For instance, an LED high bay can be equipped with a dimming feature that allows the total light output to be decreased to a certain percentage. This helps reduce energy costs while still maintaining illumination when an industrial space is not being used.

The service time for these types of fixture always exceeds 50,000H and the lumen output degeneration is very slow when compared to traditional lighting systems. The ingress protection is high for LED spot fixtures and low for line and tube fixtures. The LED fixtures do not contain mercury and lead based hazardous materials and do not emit dangerous UV or IR radiations. The power used by industrial LED lighting is listed at 3W to 4.8W/sqm of area, depending on the type of fixture chosen.

High bay warehouse light fixtures feature a movable panel with multiple LED units and intelligent click mount systems for easy maintenance access. For high safety and clean work environments, such as the food industry, LED tube fixtures are recommended, which feature the latest no mercury technology and a robust, water resistant and impermeable envelope made of aluminum and plastic. This ensures that even in case of breakage or accidents, the work area will not be affected or damaged.

Industrial LED lighting can bring higher productivity to companies, while also creating a comfortable and pleasant work environment. Efficient lighting can increase and allow continuous activity even during the night, while also greatly reducing operating costs. Also, the innovative daylight dimming feature further ensures lower costs and compliments the natural light.