LongNor Opto Meet Your CNC Machine Tool Lighting Needs

Date: 03/11/2021

CNC Machine Tool Lighting, LongNor Opto is a worldwide manufacturer of machine tool lighting systems and workplace lighting for virtually all industries and applications. Our company provides over 200 standard lighting models and over 2000 special solutions that are adapted for use in all types of working environments. We focus on providing industrial work light solutions for manufacturing and machine tool applications. Whether you are looking for simple CNC lights or a particular custom application, our in-house engineers will guide you to the right solution. Replace old, broken and outdated industrial machinery lighting for CNC machines, CNC Lathes, CNC Milling, Machine tool applications, and Manufacturing.

Lighting for CNC Machines is Industrial strength, waterproof with an IP65 rating for all LED lights, we carry in either DC24V and AC100-270V models.

In product manufacturing, Inspection is the last checkpoint before a product goes out as completed. Sometimes a magnifier will be utilized, but regardless, it is imperative that the lighting be clear without shadows or glare. Whether the need is for a particular color temperature or power of magnification, LongNor Opto supplies a task light to fit your specific needs. We takes great care to design and manufacture their luminaire arms with multi-directional joints for easy adjustment and precise positioning.

Machine Tube Lights

Recessed CNC Machine Lighting

Gooseneck arm CNC Machine Lighting

Double-arm CNC Machine Lighting