LED Flexible DRL Light Bar

LED Flexible DRL Light Bar Patented item. It is gluttony snake shape style, Osram 5050 LED inside. it can bent at you want. Unique appearance design, the design is inspired by “gluttony snake” Bendable installation, adopts imported LED high-power light source, lampshade adopts condenser lens for strong light output, unique design, can be bent 360 degrees for installation in different directions ; A wider range is suitable for the complex installation position of the car; the back is equipped with super double-sided adhesive can be pasted, and the two ends of the lamp body are equipped with screw holes to lock the screws. The lamp body is sealed and waterproof. Waterproof grade IP67

LED Flexible DRL Light Bar:

Wide range of uses: It can be used for daytime running lights, fog lights, brake lights, reversing lights, decorative lights, license plate lights, door lights, and chassis lights. You only need to change the line connection and installation position; it can be installed in various models of high, medium and low. Installation is simple; inside and outside the car, the bottom of the car can be installed everywhere. Stable performance: Waterproof, anti-aging, energy-saving, anti-interference, temperature resistance, anti-collision performance Product parameters: 1. Power: 0.5 watts per wick 2. Voltage: DC 12V 3. Color temperature: 8000K~8500K 4. Light color: white light, ice blue