We are designers for the built environment with cutting edge in-house skills covering Lighting Design, unique Co-Creation methodologies, BIM, VR, Coding, Research, Digital Content and Product Development. Our forte lies in the transformative capability of light and media in architecture. Our multicultural team has backgrounds in lighting, architecture, design, digital arts, product development, software development and virtual reality. Light. In a single word, yes, we are in fact particles of space which is this universe of light. As lighting consultants, we have honed our skills over years of successes and challenges to better perfect the world around us. It is only a few hundred years that humankind has truly had the ability to harness the lighting around us. With the advent of LED, and the global awareness of the important role that lighting has our well-being, lighting design has become as important as what foods we put in our bodies. Since 2008 we have collaborated as lighting consultants and experiential designers across many sectors from high-end hotels to urban masterplans, restaurants, offices, art commissions to large scale residential schemes, media facades, landscapes, infrastructure, museums and exhibitions, entertainment venues and product developments. Here's a little glimpse to our portfolio of over 300 projects.